A fairwell and A goodbye! :)-My last one.

“I hope your dreams take you… to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.”


                The time has come to wish the class of 2010 a farewell and a goodbye for we are ready to graduate! We have came from being little freshman just entering what we considered the big school of FMHS to where we are now ruling the school as the graduates of the mighty Mustangs. We ended the school year off with an exquisite senior banquet with the help of Mrs. Cranson and ending it with a twist of our own, a senior prank of teepee and bike racks on the roof.

                When we take time to think about it, we have been through a lot together and now it has all come to an end. FMHS has taught us more than what we think so and we will soon be running up on that stage to grab that diploma and move on with our lives. I believe that this was just the beginning for us. We have so much ahead and im excited for the whole class of 2010 to experience everything out there that the world has to offer.  Someone once said “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm,” and this is the truth. We all need to keep our heads up and keep that endurance and enthusiasm for even though we may have a graduation on a Sunday, We may have not won the spirit stick we will show those around us that we have the smarts to be one of the most successful and most intelligent classes out there with the best attitude ever.

                GO CLASS OF 2010! Give it your all, let’s show everyone that we can do something right. I wish you all the best of luck in anything that you decide to do and I hope that you don’t only take what you have learned from our FMHS teachers but from what we have learned from us as peers and as experience as just being “kids.”  


Changes for the Senior Class

Changes have occurred frequently throughout our four years here at FMHS seniors, think about it, there was the three different principles, the changes in staff members, and even through us as students as we grew up and went through so much life changing and mind changing stuff.

             We started off in our freshman year with Mr. Reigns, as our principal, then Mr. Hartshorne, and then currently Mrs. Florian. All of whom which have different personalities and had different expectations to following the rules of our school, if you may. We have, at one point or another experienced a bond with one of them or enjoyed there presence while being here at FMHS or maybe not at all but we still experienced it which is all part of the changes. Can you think of a time that you have entered that white walled room because you were called down due too problems and issues or you just wanting to vent and them helping you out significantly because of them sharing personal life advice? All three have done this for at least one of us.

                  If you think about the staff, you know that as a definite, we all form bonds and seem to connect with teachers and we have had some up and leave, change schools, or just plain move. It may have been hard or a little bit weird but it’s happened. If you think back to the science couple who just randomly got up and left. There was Rhode who left and went to Trinity Lutheran and Farley who moved to Baker. Not to mention Benson who had just moved because he had to drive so far to reach the school. There was also Barrett who taught some basic math and loved telling stories of Vietnam, Interesting teachers in all aspects of the four years that we have been here. We are going to miss them and already do miss them and what they have done for us. The most important though, has been the changes within us. As the class of 2010 and to help with it all were these principles and staff members and our fellow classmates. We have all grown-up in some way, shape, or form, maybe not as much as others would like or think, but we have.

                    We are getting ready to use these changes that have occurred right here in FMHS and set them to use in the real world. Let’s use it as pride for we have nothing more than that when we leave because we have accomplished one of the first greatest tasks in our life, graduating.

Tattoos in American Visual Culture- Book Review :)

DSCF7456Everyone loves books that they can really get lost into, but how about a book that you can learn from and that you can get lost into? Tattoos in American Visual Culture by Mindy Finske is an awesome book that talks to you about the history of where tattooing has all went and where it can take you.

This book could really attract young readers considering the younger generation is starting to get into the new “body art” kind of thing.  It will describe the hardships that have occurred in the past as far as tattoos being considered being part as the “freak” world and people being placed in freak shows to the Native Americans to how even people nowadays with “body art” are treated and how they express themselves.

“Since the rise of the dime museum, tattooed bodies have been displayed and exhibited in American culture. In the lat nineteenth centuries the carnival sideshow and “ten- in –one” freak stages of P.T. Barnum and others featured “illustrated”  men and women.”- Tattoos in American Visual Culture

Want to hear more about tattoos and see something awesome, check out Torrie’s Blog! : Emily’s First Tattoo!

School lunch-Portions

“I eat too fast, to care what it taste like,” said Cody Dobbins, senior, at FMHS. When you hear this you think, wow, it must be that horrible.  When asked what another problem he has with the school food was he reported saying, “They just don’t give us enough.”images

                “There isn’t enough at all, like, I get home and eat more food right away,” stated Jesus Reyes 7th Grader at FMMS.  So not only are they not giving enough portions, according to the kids, at FMHS but at the Middle School as well. Why is this happening that our school district cannot provide our students with adequate amounts of school food? Melissa Renderos, senior, at FMHS also commented on how small the portions were. Her comment when asked how she felt about the size was, “not such good sized portions.”  

                Now we know that in Middle School there is a difference in age and the amount of food that should be consumed compared to that of a student attending high school. The prices differ as well which makes no sense considering the portions at both schools are the same schools are the same.      

I know this is just from the student’s perspective, but it’s a very important perspective at that.  Students are told what to do on a daily basis and are formed to the rules of the school and our parents.  As students we eat the school food, and would choose to enjoy it at a cost wise price with select portions. I think FMHS can do that, and I also think our students deserve that.

Here are some sites for you to look at if you ever want to check out your nutrition:




The haiti disaster.

Everyone has heard about the disaster in Haiti, it was horrifying. There are so many places around us that seem to be falling apart if you watch the news due to natural disaster and Haiti has been one of the top ten.

The earthquake hit Haiti just before 5 p.m. on Jan. 12, 10 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital. The earthquake was the worst in the in more than 200 years. Millions were killed and millions trapped inside the grubble left behind from the buildings that had collapsed according to many news reporters. They have stopped any transferring to and from the islands because of lack of anywhere to land and anywhere to be.

There are many ways to help, many clubs here at FMHS are getting together and collecting donations or putting on fundraisers for Haiti. According to the New York Times website you can also help by sending your donations to The American Red Cross or text “Haiti” to the number 90999, along with many others. Keep in consideration!

Sweet Or Sour Lips Fundraiser with Student Senate! :)


“Student senate is a club that participates in lots of community service. We attend Beehive assisted living frequently and do activities with the elderly that live there.  We are also in charge of all the recycling that goes on in the school,” Stacy Musgrave, Senior of Fort Morgan High School states.

Student senate also does the blessings in a backpack that I’m sure many are thankful for.  “It’s where student who are free and reduced lunch take home a backpack full of food for the weekend.” Musgrave also added.  Little things like this just make the community and student look up to our student senate so when they ask for help back we can sure do it like when they put on neat fundraisers such as the Sweet or Sour Lips Fundraiser going on now.  The students are doing it to raise money for more activities for their club and not only that but blessings in a backpack.  They are selling them for 50 cents and they really want to “get people in the valentine’s mood so come and get one!”

 Also, Student Senate is starting fundraisers to gather money for Haiti. They are considering on doing bake sales, selling donuts, or taking donations.  

To learn more about the situation in Haiti Click here.


Mini-Profile- Perla Rodrigez

Perla Rodriguez was born on October 3rd, 1991 in Greeley, CO to Esmeralda and Pedro Monge. She has to younger siblings, Victor and America Cabral. Her favorite school subject is History of religions because she “has Belinda and Rose in this class and they just make it more fun. Also, it can be really interesting.”   When asked what she would like to do after high school she stated that she is planning on getting her nursing prereg’s at MCC then finishing here degree at UNC. 

Some of Perla’s hobbies are playing rockband and Monopoly with her boyfriend and his brothers. (She is still champion) She also considers listening to music as one. “I love to hang out with my boyfriend Oscar and just whatever sounds fun that day. I also love hanging out with my bestie Belinda, “road trip!” Also I love to play Rock Band with my brother and sister.”488072448_1712798036_0


Worst School memory: “When the school board decided to change the class of 2010’s graduation day to Sunday May 23, 2010!!! LAME!”

Favorite Food: My mommy’s Chicken Chipotle w/ rice

Work: CAN at Valley View Villa

Heroes: “My mom because she helped mold me into who I am today and my grandpa (rip) who taught me to never give up.”

Best school memory: “I would have to say was when the seniors lost to the sophomores during spirit week, Pretty lame but it was memorable. “


I met President Obama when he came to Fort Collins during his run for President. I shook his hand. That was pretty cool to me! : )

Heartbreak :(





 Everyone knows that heartbreak is one of the hardest things to go through, especially teenage heartbreak, yet there isn’t actually one physical injury in our body.  Heartbreak leads to so many other emotions it’s not even funny sometimes.  As teens we find ourselves laying there thinking about memories and the fantasies that you had past, had together which makes everything feel even worse.  Wondering why can’t you get over this? This was just one person and I am so young in a world of so MANY people and wonderful people at that fact.

There are couples as teens, who get together for years and create so much for themselves.  They plan their futures together as wife and husband with children and such and it just sounds insane to others but to them it is just right at the time but then, some just grow apart, when the growing apart happeneds, usually, one gets hit with it harder. That’s when they get hit with the heartbreak.  Imagine all those things that you and that other person had talked about just completely, done! You start to imagine that person moving on and happily with someone else. Things start to run through your head about what they are doing and where they could possibly be and how, if possible you could win them back. All of this thinking comes from the neurological part of your brain and it’s over working because of your loss. The loss causes shock and it just takes some time for the reality to sink in so don’t worry, all of this won’t last forever.  You will hate them and not be able stand to hear their name one moment yet at the next that person is all you will want to talk about. That is just how the human race and its mind work.  There are four stages to the grief process, there is denial, acceptance but we are still angry about it, acknowledge our sadness, and last but not least we accept our loss and our happy with it and can look back and enjoy the memories that you DID have.

You will never really be able to get over the break up or the loss but you will be able to move on and enjoy other things and other people.  Especially us as teens because we have a whole life ahead of us and our main focus at this stage in the game is getting our education and just whoever comes along, comes along! As people have always said there are so many fish in the sea!

Mistletoe History! :)

Everyone knows about the famous plant, the mistletoe plant which dates back to the 17th century. Shakespeare in Titus Andronicus called it “the baleful mistletoe,” meaning that that the berries that were on the mistletoe were toxic and not so good for you, but the Druids thought the plant had healing, even magical, powers. In the York cathedral the minister placed the branch on the High Altar and said “public and universal liberty, pardon and freedom of all sorts of inferior and wicked people at the Minster gates, and the gates of the city, towards the four quarters of heaven.”  And the Dean informally hung a bunch of mistletoe and holly from the High Altar at noon on Christmas Eve.  To prevent abuse of the kissing rule of the mistletoe, a man is to kiss a woman one time and then remove a berry each time he takes a kiss until every berry is removed. When every berry is removed he is to stop, immediately. Keep this in mind! 🙂mistletoe-and-holly

Here is a fun site fro christ mas fun

Chritmas fun

December Newspaper, Makes an Incoming! :)

Click to launch the full edition in a new window.

The new December paper has made its entrance into FMHS and its better than ever if I do say so myself. We have news about us as authors our Wrestling and Basketball Team and so much more so you will defiantly have to check it out! Roses and Thorns was also interesting to look through. Keep updated for our next paper!